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The Story behind "The Story of Her Life"

My third album, a massive plot-based collection of fourty-two songs. Divided into four parts, it is a rock-opera based on Tommy, by the Who.

The First Part, "A Fall From Grace," chronicles the childhood of a young girl. She watches as a friend of her's, a boy named John, is abducted and raped. she discovers she has a talent for architectual engineering, one her mother doesn't undersdtand. She later becomes enamored with the boy John, and help's him struggle against his addiction to drugs. The other boys in the neighborhood grow jealous of their love and her intelligence, and rape her, while John cowers in a corner, afraid. She fills a tub, and cuts her wrists, trying to commit suicide.

In the second part, "Shelter," an alien flies by, looking for someone with a gift for structual engineering. His people are confined to caves underground on their planet, and desire to live on the surface. He sees the young girl try to kill herself, and takes her from Earth just in time. They arrive on his world, where his people hook her mind up to a device. In moments, machines around their planet begin to build structures that reach into the sky.

Back on Earth, her mother doesn't know what happened to her. She curses herself, curses John, and begs God to bring her girl back. John also doesn't know what happened, and the neighborhood taunts him about her dissappearance. He slips back into drugs, as the young girl feels at home on the alien world.

In the third part, "Demon Behind the Mask," buildings now adorn the alien skyline. The people have risen from the caves, and great celebrations happen around the planet. The people remember how other worlds laughed at them, and build ships to go out and conquer those worlds. The young girl walks down the streets as a queen. Then, a young child asks her why her people now think of war, when once they only thought of piety. The young girl decides to leave, but the aliens won't let her. They chain her in the bowels of the planet, and tell her she will create for them. She threatens to kill her mind if she isn't released.

In the fourth part, "Contentment," The alien that saved the young girl from Earth has pity, and helps her escape. Back on Earth, the young girl's mother is overjoyed to see her. The young girl gets those who raped her arrested, and John tries to make amends. The young girl still feels sad, until the alien returns, and gives her the gift of a child. the young girl realizes why her mother had her, and back on the alien wolrd, the aliens wonder why their children have become so warlike, while the girl has found such happiness.

I was heavily inluenced by Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life," when writing this album. Having grown up in a depressed area of Philly, I have seen how people can be unbelievably vicious against other people, instead of helping them to succeed and prosper. I understand how drugs can be an attractive escape for those who must sleep and eat with filth around them, and little to no hope. I've seen how the only hope some get is from having a child, having someone to love and who loves them, unconditionally.

All artwork, music, and writing c 2011 Kevin Gordon