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The Story Behind "The Titan Rise and Fall"

"The Titan Rise and Fall" is a collection of twenty songs. It tells the tale of the son of the girl featured in "The Story of Her Life." It is genrally heavier and more straightforward in tone.

The title character in the beginning of the album is introduced as being married and has children. One day, the aliens the girl encountered bombard the Earth, and all but totally destroy the industrialized nations (America, Europe, Russia, India, Japan/China). The Earth launches a counter-strike led by the title character against the alien world.

One the battle begins, the young man discoveres he has unique abilities. He destroys the alien world, and wins the war. Calling himself "The Titan," he returns to Earth, and tries to help rebuild humanity.

The Titan is unsure of how to begin. He starts by rebuilding the great monuments of the world, tries to inspire hope in the people. He tries to unite them in a circle of souls, but eventually finds many of them would rather let him do all the work.

The Third World nations who were relatively unscathed by the alien bombardment join together and become the "Feudal Lords," the rulers of the world. They enslave the rest of the world, and build great "carnivals," at which all manner of depraved entertainment can be found. A woman, "Mommy Smiles," travels the world in response, helping the enslaved children to die by giving them a poison-laced chocolate sweets.

The Titan doesn't want to confront the established governemnt directly, so instead pursues Mommy Smiles. When he has her cornered, a young girl that she was about to help to die beseeches the Titan to let her die. The Titan has mercy, and lets Mommy Smiles escape.

The Feudal Lords banish the Titan for letting Mommy Smiles escapes, and the Titan reluctantly complies.

Of course I was also influeced by comic books. Superman has always been one of my favorites -- a man endowed with almost god-like powers. The graphic novel "The Return of the Dark Knight" by Frank Miller was also a big influence. I wanted to create a hero who didn't know how to use his powers, who couldn't understand the complex nature of humanity. He faced a problem too overwhelming to solve, and rather than persevere, flees.

All artwork, music, and writing c 2011 Kevin Gordon