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The story behind "Aftermath"

Aftermath, the sixth album, follows the continuing journey of the Titan, and what happens to the Earth. It is split into two parts.

In "Redemption," the Titan lands on an alien world after wandering the galaxy. He finds an enslaved culture that wants nothing to do with him, for fear of reprisal. One of the people tells him that if he really wants to help, then he should kill the overlords.

The Titan goes to find the overlords, and meets the queen who rules over the world. Against his better judgement he falls in love with her, and for a time, she holds sway over him. He watches as the people are forced to work, yet cannot bring himself to do anything, as a result of his failure on Earth.

Eventually he decides to do what's right, and leaves the queen. He rallys the poeple to fight, and they wage a great war. The overlords, seeing defeat, unleash a doomsday weapon that destroys most of the world.

The Titan is devastated, and cannot leave the world as it is. Using almost all of his power, he turns back time, and visits the queen once again. He relates to her what will happen to her world, and persuades her to help her people fight.

She does, and in another battle without the Titan's great power, the people win. The Titan is mortally owunded, and dies in the arms of the queen.

In "The Earth," the planet is waiting for the titan's return. Wars have erupted across the planet. Eventually the Titan's body returns, and hope is lost for a time. A woman takes her children around the world, hoping to make a change.

She gathers like-minded groups of people, and from what becomes "The Union." The Union defeats the feudal lords, and seeks to establish a utopia. Unfortunately, as the years pass, it degenerates into a fascist state. It's goal becomes the creation of a "Utopian Man," a successor to the Titan. To that end, it forces it's women to wear only the colors of the Earth - blue and green - and to submit to a state-created genetic program. (As you might guess, I was heavily inspired by The Handmaiden's Tale).

This album is still under construction, so not even I know how it will end!

All artwork, music, and writing c 2011 Kevin Gordon