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Below are complete songs in the mp3 format. Just right-click, save to disk, and enjoy! Remember, all songs are copyrighted.

Click here to visit my Youtube page for the song "Round Midnight"

"Why Would You Help Me?" is a track from my eighth album, titled "Augustus." "Augustus" is based on a fairy tale written by Herman Hesse.

Why Would You Help Me?

"Why oh Why?" is from my sixth album, the second part, entitled "The Earth."

Why oh Why?

"The Reign" is from my sixth album, the first part, which is entitled "Redemption." A song of introspection, it has strong lyrics and a complex rhythm.

For the story behind "Aftermath," click here

The Reign

"A Hero is Born" is from my fifth album, titled "The Titan Rise and Fall." It is a heavy, guitar-driven song with middle-eastern influences.

A Hero is Born

"Second Chances" is another song from my fifth album

Second Chances

"Supersymmetry" is the title track from my fourth album. It is an expansive song, with middle-eastern influences.


"Trust and Faith" is from my third album, "The Story of Her Life." In a more rock-opera style, I would love to see it staged one day.


All artwork, music, and writing c 2011 Kevin Gordon